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Download and Install Perk Tutor

  1. Download and install 3D Slicer (available for Windows, Mac, Linux).
  2. Install Perk Tutor from 3D Slicer extension manager.

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These tutorials demonstrate how to use Perk Tutor for your computer-assisted training application. While these tutorials can be completed with no prior experience, it is recommended to complete the 3D Slicer Tutorials and SlicerIGT Tutorials beforehand.

Download the complete Perk Tutor tutorial dataset: Complete Dataset

Download the dataset for live tutorials: Live Dataset


Pre-requisites: None

Description: An introduction explaining how to install and set up Perk Tutor

Data Recording

Pre-requisites: Introduction

Description: Recording and annotating both tracking data and imaging data with Perk Tutor

Skills Assessment

Pre-Requisites: Introduction, Data Recording

Description: Computing primitive measures of skill and overall measures of technical proficiency in interventions with Perk Tutor

Workflow Analysis

Pre-Requisites: Introduction, Data Recording

Description: Automatically providing real-time instruction to trainees performing interventions with Perk Tutor

Other guides and tutorials are available: Perk Tutor Tutorials & Guides

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